Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Pre-Register? – Pre-register for $30/race,  then print and bring your “Waiver/Release”  to the registration table on race day.  Allow 30 minutes to check-in at registration table to receive your number, and T-shirt (if ordered).

Can I Register on Race day? – Yes, provided the race does not sell out prior.  Registration on Race Day will open at 4:00pm and stay open until races begin.  Race Day registration is $35/race. We also sell t-shirts, hats, event jerseys, and other OTH gear on-site as supplies last.

If I did not race in other races, can I race this time? – Yes, preregister now. When you check in at the race we’ll give you a number and receive your Release/Waiver.

I raced last time, do I have to check in? – At the first race you’ll get your number plate when you pay and turn in your waiver, but after that you have two options.  Register online, or use “speed Registration” on site.  You will not need to go through the standard registration process again.

Do I need a new release form for each race? – No, if you raced Over the Hump this year, at Irvine Lake, we have your release on file. If this is your first race this year see Registration Table or download the form online.

Where is Irvine Lake? – Irine Lake is East of the 241 tollroad on Santiago Canyon Road, South of the Chapman/Jamboree Exits. Click here for a map.

Is there Parking? – YES. Rate- $5 per car!

How can I race if i work till 5:00 pm? Where there’s a will there’s a way. Race starts at 6:00pm.  Pre-register, so all you need to do is grab your number and turn in the “Waiver” – you can of course work the second half of the day in your spandex to save time, too!

What are the “Classes”?- There are currently three broad classes: Beginner, Sport, Expert – We post the age bracketing, based on critical mass, ability, and registered ridership. Why? No-one wants to race alone, not even the 75 year young-expert-woman.  BeingUN sanctioned we strive to keep it fun and simple. (We even reserve the right to change things up from time to time, just to keep it interesting).

Will there be specialized sub-categories (example: Clydesdales? ) No (and Yes). Over the Hump’s CLASS philosophy is KEEP IT SIMPLE & FUN.  For example: In the past we’ve added Clydesdale (the 200+ racing machine class), and hamsters, AKA Single Speed, among another couple classes. See above question on classes. One Note: The class you enter is on the honor system, don’t sandbag and drop down to win…it will be embarrassing for you when you beat your daughter, who is racing, and then jump up and down chanting “I’m faster than you are!” There’s no cash prize…push yourself! Note: Racers classed incorrectly will be moved to appropriate class by racer director.

I’m a first time racer, which class should I enter? Enter based on your skill and fitness level, not on race experience. There are technical sections of single track, steep descents, and climbs throughout the course. The course lengths are posted under Race Information so if you ride 10 miles, and that feels like death, then begin in BEGINNER. There’s 1/3 single & double track on the course, so there’s bike handling needed, but if you don’t feel comfortable on a section you can always walk it.

What type of bike, equipment? Any mountain bike is welcome.  Suspension is optional, you don’t need a race machine, or a “big-hit-bruiser”. Some have raced on “cross” bikes though there’s not a “cross” category.  One note, there are a couple of soft spots on the course, and wider tires will be a plus. Old and new bikes welcome!

How difficult is the course? – The course has two fast-n-steep descents, some sharp corners, and 1/3 single and double track.  It’s not extremely difficult, as there is fire road and wider trail involved in places, but it’s a fun course @ 4+ miles and 350+ feet vertical gain the race  is you against the clock (Oh and your buddy at work, that you have to buy lunch, if he wins).  Come race and try the course and give us your feedback, we’d love to hear it.

Can I preride the course? Yes. The Course will be open on race day…RACE DAY ONLY.  The course will be open from 4:30pm -5:30pm, then it will close course until the race.

Do you plan to have more regular other events?– Stay posted to our events and news by subscribing to our E-Newsletter on right side of the page.

Do I need to belong to a bike race association? No. Race as you are!

Does insurance cost extra? No, it’s included.  Your race fee covers liability insurance, and racing. It’s easy, and a great value! (Note: our insurance is not your medical insurance, make sure you’re properly covered to prepare for potential injury…mountain biking is a potentially dangerous sport).

Can people come watch?Yes, that’s what this event is about. SPECTATORS ARE FREE. Our sponsors will have booths and since you can see a good chunk of the course from the staging area, it will be a front row seat for spectators, unlike any mountain bike race we’ve seen.  The spectators area is right at the water’s edge with plenty of grass and Shade (and restrooms).

Does the Race benefit a Charity? – Yes.  We support many charities throughout the year. Charities we’ve supported in the past have been Wheels 4 Life, 50 Mile Ride, Tour De Cure, among others.

See you at the races! -Over the Hump