One More Class – Women Juniors added

#736 Makayla Dulac (11yrs) took 2nd in Women's Juniors, behind her sister Samantha (12yrs), and in front of sister Danielle (9yrs) (photo courtesy IHARRIS

One family raced, even mom and dad.  5 people, 3 under 13 years old.  One of the cool things about Oer the Hump is that a 9 year old, Danielle Dulac, can race on the same course, at the same time, as our 1st Place Women’s Expert Tonya Bray, and 1st Place Men’s Expert Sid Taberlay (SHO-Air, Oakley, H2Overdrive).  In fact there were 3 junior girls all in the same family that came out […] Read more

David Whiting Rides Again

David Whiting, who covered our first race in the Orange County Register , as he raced his first Mountain Bike race, rode again yesterday and turned in a time…after suffering a broken seatpost in August 26 race.  David looks like he’ll be an Over the Hump presence in next summer’s series.

David wrote a plug for yesterday’s race. Check it out here:

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Pre-registration Sold-Out Early

Tonight @ 6:55pm we sold our final available online registration  for tomorrow’s race.

Only a couple spaces are available for onsite registration tomorrow, opening at 4pm. REASON for the limited number, we’d love to have the race be open for more racers, but in an effort to provide the best possible experience for all our racers we’ve limited the registration for tomorrow’s race.

Don’t miss the festivities. Not only will it be a great race, but we’ve added some new exhibitors…Bar-B-Que, race winners, and series awards will be presented after tomorrows race, along with a raffle for Project Rwanda including a […] Read more


Less than 36 hours till race star.  The air is cool and we’re excited to be out at the course tomorrow.

Pre-register today, by 8:00pm. We’ve opened 50 more spaces, allowed by our staggered start.  PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSES TONIGHT AT 8:00PM, ANY REMAINING WILL BE SOLD AT RACE.

Bring a sweatshirt and money for BarBQ and beverage. After race awards and raffle winners will be announced.

See you at the Races!

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Over the Hump in Mountain Bike Action

Tonya Bray, , 1st place winner of the Women’s Expert category, just dropped an article online at Mountain Bike Action.

Tonya writes, “…there is nothing quite like getting dirty with a short mountain bike race in the middle of the week to remove the edge of daily life.  So it was with much excitement I headed to Irvine with friends to be a part of…the Over the Hump series”

Read more at: Mountain Bike Action

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Over the Hump Race Course Video

Chris Williams from Rock N Road and, originally shot the video of the course with Matt leading the way.  That was “just OK”, great video by Chris, but who wanted to see Matt ride (except Charity, Matt’s wife).

So, fortunately, Chris caught the real/live August 26 race on a friend’s , but here’s the real race  GoPro helmet camera and posted it.

Click here to view the Video: Chris Williams, finished 11th in the Sport Men\’s 30-39 category

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